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Promoting earning commissions

All products can enjoy sub-servicing, and promote customers' lifetime benefits

Zero cost investment

No need to open a store, no need to stock up, no need to invest time management.

How to distribute and make money

First Step Please copy the distribution text link and post it on the WeChat circle or click the Now Distribution button to share it to WeChat friends circle;
Second Step Register as a member from your distribution link and the other party will become your subordinate member;
Step 3 When your subordinate members purchase products at any time, you can get the corresponding commission; the subordinate members of your subordinate members can purchase the products, and you can get the corresponding commission.

  • Description:
  • After sharing, it will have a unique PID code. After your friend visits, the system will automatically detect the statistics. Once the member is registered as a member, you will become his superior member.
    When calculating the commission, the offer is not included in the commission, nor is it included in the shipping fee. Only the actual payment amount minus the shipping cost is calculated.