Dealer Application

Authorized Dealer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler application

In order to further improve our sales service network, we face the recruiting dealers nationwide. We look forward to your sincere and long-standing co-operation to establish an international professional standards of the clothing sales and service network.
For applications become our authorized dealers, your company needs to submit applications for the following materials:

1. Briefed for the company (including operators of the operating results, financial condition, management team, baby supplies if engaged in the retail industry, please state the brand and business operators in conditions);

2. Project (including cities to apply for project investment plans, sources of funding, business plan, store location, etc.). The store site at the request of the main city street or mall a special counter to the high-visibility stores;

3. Applicant company Contact: contact name, cell phone, telephone, fax, e-mail.

In addition to the above application materials, the need for companies to provide the following documents:
1. Business license (photocopy);
2. Selected venues and the surrounding environment Photos; or websites.

Be sure to submit your application data from our online system, we do not accept any private or through private recommend to the submission of the information required and no booking visit.

Now apply to become dealers

Thank you, We sincerely look forward to your cooperation.

Now apply to become dealer

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